Greenhouse Update - 9th January 2015

Friday, 9 January 2015 17:46:22 Europe/London

Our first tomato seedlings are already appearing after a week germinating in our award winning Vitopod Propagator, kept at 18°C.

In 2 weeks’ time, we’ll be pricking out our tomato seedlings and transplanting into individual 3 inch pots. We’re already looking forward to a bumper harvest and are preparing to transplant them into our Quadgrows and Vivigrows in early March.

This year we will be growing 6 varieties of tomato - Country Taste, Cristal, San Marzano, Floridity, Sungold and Indigo Rose.

We have also been growing Dwarf Cavendish Bananas over the winter which will soon be ripe and ready to eat! Once the first banana begins to ripen, the others won’t be far behind! This should take place at some point over the next few days or weeks.

Our Guernsey Babaco Papayas are nearly ripe too! These delightful papayas are absolutely ginormous and have been an absolute delight to grow. Some of these papayas will be ripe within the next few days, whilst there is also some smaller fruit that will take a bit longer.

Both Bananas and Papaya are great to grow in the UK as they can be grown from cuttings. We will be taking another cutting from our Guernsey Babaco Papaya soon.

Our Pineapple plant, grown in a Tropical Planter, has recently flowered as well. although, it will still be at least 6 more months before we start seeing fruit!

Next week, we will begin propagating our chilli seeds with the Vitopod Heated Propagator.

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