A Green House Update...And Your Successes!

Friday, 21 September 2018 12:27:03 Europe/London

If you've ever visited our greenhouse, you'll know how impressive it is! We've got all sorts in there - check out some of the latest growing updates!

Our Vivigrow planter has been producing a plentiful crop of chillies - this year has seen us enjoying harvests of Lemon Drop, Orange Cayenne and Ring of Fire chillies. 


Elsewhere in the greenhouse our Tropical Planters have been growing some excited exotic edibles - our banana plant is fruiting and flowering well! It's like a little tropical paradise in our corner of Lancashire!

Banana plant fruiting and flowering in our Mawdesley greenhouse

We also have a more unusual fruit growing, Pepino 'Melon Pear' (Solanum muricatum). It's native to South America and has a taste and aroma similar to melon. Tropical edibles such as this need the right amount of warmth and water to grow, making these planters situated in a greenhouse or warm conservatory a perfect environment. The Tropical Planter ensure the fruit gets enough watering, timed to feed up to 15 times a day. Any water not taken up by the plants drains back into the planter's reservoir to be used again. Each feeding draws fresh air down into the roots, giving the plant that extra boost of oxygen. 

Fancy paying us a visit?

Our visitor greenhouse is in the pretty village of Mawdesley, just off J27 of the M6. If you're ever in the area come and pay us a visit! One of our Gardening Angels will give you a tour of the greenhouse, so take the opportunity to ask all those questions that have always niggled you about our planters! 


Your success stories! 

We’ve absolutely loved seeing your Quadgrow updates this summer – from gluts of sweet, juicy tomatoes to mountains of fiery hot chillies, there have been some truly incredible results out there!

We received a lovely email over the weekend from one of our customers, Mrs Robinson (funnily enough, the name of Gardening Angel Paul's favourite tomatoes!) – we hope it makes you smile as much as it did us!

"Just to let you know that after over fifty years of growing greenhouse tomatoes your Quadgrows have yielded my best ever crop with considerably less work, which I appreciate at 85!

I took this photo today having already picked 7lb to make ketchup and soup. I felt quite smug when Monty Don complained about his poor crop, but you and the Quadgrows deserve the credit. 

I also have great results from the Vitapod and Hydropod."

 Mrs Robinson Quadgrow Update

It's not just Mrs Robinson that's been over the moon with her Quadgrow success this season, check out some more of our customer's success stories! 


Looking to boost your own crops?

The successes above have been achieved with our award winning Quadgrow, innovative Vivigrow and fantastic Tropical Planter. We've recently introduced two new way to boost your harvests - perhaps something to consider for next year?

NEW! Wilma Dripper System

Wilma is the most popular hydroponic system in Europe, and is ideal if you like the idea of the bigger crops that hydroponics gives you but you want to keep things natural by using pots and soil.

In fact, the Wilma is perfect for experimenting with different types of growing media – it can be used with soil, HydroCoco or clay pebbles! See what works best for your plants!

Simply plant-up, plug it in, set the timer and let the Wilma automatically feed your plants little and often.

Check out Wilma here >>


NEW! Oxypot Hydroponic Planter

Save a fortune on soil and get a huge crop with the Oxypot. This planter doesn't need any growing medium, just water!

The Oxypot is a deep water culture method of growing, which means the roots are constantly submerged in highly oxygenated water. There's no timer to manage and you're never at risk of water logging or the plants drying out.

The air pump constantly oxygenates the solution, meaning the roots have 24/7 access to super-oxygenated water and nutrients. The result is seriously speedy growth!

Check out Oxypot here >> 

Want some advice on how to boost your crops?

If you'd like to plan ahead for your next growing season, get in touch - our Gardening Angels are always happy to offer advice! Drop us an email here.

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