1.8 Metre Tomatoes - Vivigrow Planter Update

Friday, 17 July 2015 08:39:12 Europe/London

After 6 weeks in our Vivigrow Planter, we’ve had some incredible growth on our Lunch Box Super Sweet tomatoes. Our tomatoes have grow to an impressive 1.8 metres in just 6 weeks thanks to our clever Vivigrow Watering system. Watch our video to learn more.

If you're a competitive or adventurous gardener, then you'll love growing in water with our Vivigrow, Solar-Quadgrow and Rain & Drain Planters which use the hydroponic technique where plants are grown in water.

You can achieve typically 3-4x bigger yields by growing in water compared to soil-grow plants and your plants will be provided with superior access to oxygen, nutrients & water, so they grow faster, stronger and healthier.

Our soil-less planters are great for growing anything from tomatoes, chillies and cucumbers right through to growing your own exotic and tropical plants including some of our favourites, bananas and papaya.

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