Growing your own herbs FAQ’s

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Growing your own herbs FAQ’s
Grow herbs on your windowsill all year – here are some tips for growing herbs during the winter. 

Can you grow herbs outdoors?
Many of the common herbs (rosemary, oregano and thyme) originate from Mediterranean countries and are grown in a wide range of habitats from coastal to mountain regions. Most herbs will grow very happily in a UK climate as woody perennials - these produce a permanent woody structure and may sometimes lose their leaves. Others such as basil should be grown indoors and they will only survive outside until the first frosts.

Will the herbs grow all year?
Most woody herbs will tolerate a UK winter although softer herbs such as basil or dill should be treated as a tender annual (a plant which will only survive for one season before being killed by frosts). These will not tolerate freezing temperatures and should only be grown for a season. The biggest problem facing herbs during winter months is over watering as they will not tolerate waterlogged soil. Herbs planted outside in the ground will not need watering at all through the winter, and those grown inside will only need watering ever 2-4 weeks.

Can you grow herbs on a windowsill?
Herbs are perfect for growing on a windowsill all year. They will need heat and light, so a south facing window is perfect. The biggest problem you may face is not watering enough and the plants drying out on a hot windowsill. To get the watering perfect, we use a Herbgrow Planter as the Feedermats keep herbs perfectly watered!

Can you grow herbs from seed?
Most herbs can be grown successfully from seed but certain species, such as rosemary are more difficult to grow from seed and are best bought as young plants or grown from cuttings. We use the Hydropod Propagator when propagating hardwood cuttings, which improves the success rate of cuttings.

When should I grow herbs?
Herbs can be grown at any time of the year if you are growing on a windowsill or indoors. Your herb plants will need to be kept above freezing, have access to as much light as possible, and ensure that they aren’t overwatered. If you would like to grow your herbs outside, plant them out in spring once the frosts have finished and the ground has started to warm up.

What size pot should I use for growing herbs?
Herbs will continue to grow until the roots have filled the pot. 1 litre pots are ideal for growing on a windowsill.

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