Harvesting Chilli Seeds - Vezena Piperka

Monday, 8 September 2014 15:11:26 Europe/London

Our Gardening Angel James has been excitedly harvesting chilli seeds from this Vezena Piperka chilli kindly donated to us by one of our amazing customers.

The Vezena Piperka Chillies beautiful embroided pattern also known as “Corking” is a genetic trait which some varieties of chillies are more prone to. In this case the breeders have used corking to their advantage when they have selected a “prone to corking” strain but one which does so in a pleasing embroided pattern.

Corking is caused when the chilli skin needs to stretch to accommodate the rapid growth of the pepper. Sudden in-takes of water combined with plenty of sun will cause the chilli to experience a growth spurt which results in Corking.

Watch our video and follow our handy steps to harvest your own chilli seeds and grow more of your favourite chillies.

1- Make sure the chilli is fully ripe before picking
2- Using a sharp knife cut the pod in half exposing the seeds
3- Scrape the seeds away from the flesh taking care not to damage the seeds
4- Dry the seeds in a dark, well ventilated space
5- The seeds are ready to be stored once they no longer bend, store in an airtight container in a cool dark place until needed.

James will be keeping his seeds stored away in this handy seed storage tin

seed storage tin

Read our Chilli Growing Guide for more handy hints and tips.

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