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Thursday, 23 April 2020 09:18:45 Europe/London

Pruning plants

The ongoing Covid-19 lockdown has given many of us a lot more time to spend in our gardens enjoying our plants. In these unprecedented times, we’re free to try out all of those gardening dreams that we’ve held on to for years, but never got around to realising. 

The team here at Greenhouse Sensation has asked around plenty of busy gardeners to bring you these home gardening tips in lockdown. Enjoy!


Plant pots


Clean Hands, Clean Garden

We’re all increasingly concerned with cleaning our hands, and rightly so, but now’s also a great time to clean your garden! Things like soil overflow from plant pots tends to discolour the ground, and cleaning up the resulting marks is something that just never seems to get done. Well, now we’ve all got time! Hose or rinse down your pots and the ground around them, and while you’re doing it keep an eye out for weeding and pest-clearing opportunities. 


Shoots growing through the soil


Tend to Your Soil

The weather is absolutely glorious for many of us at the moment, but there’s also a strong and persistent breeze, and this combination quickly dries out soil. Pay special attention to this. Loosen any clumps of dry soil, add nutrients via compost or another organic fertiliser, and generally just keep it moist and in good condition. If you’ve got children, this can be a great task to get them involved with too!


A trowel with vegetables


Turn Small Spaces Green

Every garden has small open spaces in it, even if it’s just between the larger plants. Why not take the time to fill those spaces up? Vegetables and herbs do very well without a lot of room to spare, and at the moment there’s plenty of time to make regular watering into a habit. 

Some plants such as microgreens and lemongrass are also thought to boost the immune system, and they’re undoubtedly great for your health even at the best of times. Now is a great time to turn those bare corners of your garden green.


Compost bags and containers


Compost Your Wet Waste

Depending on where you live, waste collection may be totally unaffected or significantly less regular than normal. To get around that potential inconvenience, consider composting your wet waste. It’s not only great for your garden’s growing potential but, because you can add a little compost to the pots of any plants you’re potting up at the moment, it’s not even forced to build up excessively. Give it a try.


A garden in the spring with a watering can


Spring Gardening Checklist

Of course, your gardening checklist should also be governed by the season, as well as the current extraordinary circumstances. And given that spring is now well underway, there’s plenty to be getting on with! Here’s our extended checklist for you.... 


• Once your daffodils’ petals have faded, make sure you deadhead them. This makes sure they don’t waste their energy on seeds. When the foliage naturally dies back, that gives the bulb a chance to replenish. 


• If you’re growing dogwoods or willows for their bark, then the best time to prune them is just before the buds burst. You can usually go safely back to stump or ground level.


• Support your herbaceous perennials before they have the chance to grow too tall or leggy. The sooner you do this, the easier it will be to disguise those supports.


• Around April is the best window to sow new lawns from seed. If you haven’t done so yet, it's high time to get your soil ready! Take extra care to remove all weeds and dig the soil over until it’s level and firm.


• On the subject of weeds, keep on top of them with particular care at this time of year! And if you’re taking our lead by growing your own food, then hoe any stray weeds out from your vegetable patch.


• We’re having a warm spell at the moment, but it’s still April, so there’s plenty of room for some drastic changes in the weather! Keep the shoots of your potatoes earthed, just in case there are any last lingering bouts of frost.


• Harden off your tender bedding plants (as well as your vegetables). When the last threat of frost has passed, they’ll need to be put in their permanent positions, so it’s wise to get them ready now.


• Strawberry season is fast approaching! You might want to consider something like a fruit cage or netting to keep the birds from your quickly growing plants.


• Keep an eye on your lilies and fratilleries. This is the season for Lily Beetles, so the sooner you pick them off, the less chance they have of laying their grubs on your plants. It’s the grubs that tend to be the real threat. 

Don’t forget that Greenhouse Sensation is still operating as normal, albeit with delivery times of up to 21 days, so if you need any fresh gardening supplies then we’re still here to help.

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