How to Get the Most Out of Your Garden

Friday, 20 April 2018 16:50:13 Europe/London

Not sure what to do in your garden this month? Did you know that you can enjoy your garden all year round? Even in the colder winter months, there is still plenty to do in your garden and you can still expect to see a wide range of beautiful plants. In fact, every season brings with it a phenomenal array of stunning plants, vegetables and flowers that your whole family can enjoy. 

Did you know that, even in January, you can plant plenty of bare root plants? You might have to wait a couple of months for them to come into full bloom, but it’s well worth the wait and it’s the perfect winter gardening activity!

Spring is a wonderful time to be in the garden, too. You can plant so many vegetables and see everything you planted at the start of the year come into full bloom. Summer is also a fantastic time of year to be in the garden. All of your favourite salad vegetables and herbs are likely to grow well when it starts to get warmer. But even as autumn comes around, you can still do plenty in your lawn. You can pick your delicious autumn berries and see so many of your flowers blossom.

Get more gardening tips from our fun graphic below!


Want to find out more about the amazing things you can do in your garden all year round? Visit our very own greenhouse, or browse through our gardening tools to see  what you can do with your lawn.

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