How to Water Your Plants Effectively with Garden Irrigation Systems

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How to Water Your Plants Effectively with Garden Irrigation Systems

Water is essential for your plants to grow healthy and strong, but with our busy daily schedules it can be hard to remember to water them on a regular basis. This is where garden and greenhouse watering systems can help.

Using an automated watering system like a garden greenhouse spray irrigation kit or sprinkler irrigation system, allows your flowers and plants to get the right amount of water at the right times. This takes away the daily chore of having to make time to water your plants and does the work for you when you’re too busy or unavailable.

Perhaps you’re not so mobile on your feet and have a lot of land to cover, like a large garden or greenhouse, so need large irrigation sprinklers to ensure all areas are watered when they should be. You might be scheduling a holiday later in the year and planning to have an irrigation system in your garden to drip feed your plants while you’re away. Or perhaps you’re new to gardening and want to make sure you get your watering right.

In this article, we will outline the different garden and greenhouse irrigation supplies available to you this summer. 

Watering Kits


How much water should I give my plants?

We suggest watering your plants in the garden every week with roughly 2 inches of water. You can consider using a rainfall measure which collects rainfall in mm and inches to determine when to water your plants. The deeper you water tends to encourage profounder and sturdier root growth. Try to avoid frequent and shallower watering as this can cause frail root growth and evaporation.

You could also use a moisture metre which instantly measures the water content in your soil, and ensures that you are feeding your plant with the optimal amount of water. You simply place the probe in the soil and the easy to use gauge will give you an indication of how much water your plants will need. This is suitable for plants in pots, grow bags and open soil. 

rainfall measure


What factors affect how often you need to water your plants?

The size, type and stage of development of the plant

If your plant has bigger and more developed leaves than others, the higher the chance it will lose more water and will require more nutrients to produce flowers and fruits.

The feel, arrangement and compaction of the growing media or soil and its organic matter content

Plants are unable to remove all water contained in soil and some types of soil can still feel damp regardless if the plants have started to wilt or not. This often occurs in clay soil as this can hold much more water than a sandy soil, however plants are able to remove more water from sand over clay. You can add organic matter to your soil to help advance its water holding capacity.

If your plant is growing in a raised border or container

If you have a big plant in a smaller pot, this will require more frequent watering than one planted in a raised border. In raised borders, the roots run free to grow in whichever direction they find water and therefore draw moisture from a much greater amount of soil that if those roots were confined to a small pot.

Seasonal times and weather

Precipitation, daylight hours, temperature, humidity and wind can all affect the degree of water use. Commonly, plants take in more water in the hotter months and less in the colder months. Plants are also used to using more water in warmer, bright and windy weather.

raised borders


What are the different types of garden irrigation systems and their benefits?

Watering plants, shrubs and trees by hand

You can hand water your plants, but this can be more time consuming. As it is quite labour intensive we suggest you do this for smaller garden areas and container plants. Consider using a watering can or garden hose to water around plant bases underneath the leaves, and keep the neighbouring soil dry as this restricts weed development and means that the water is distributed where its required. 

Watering your lawn

Garden sprinkler irrigation systems are often disapproved of, with exclusion to lawns, as they lose more water to evaporation. Nevertheless, when used on garden lawns to soak unplanted zones, they have fantastic coverage.

Automatic garden irrigation systems

Automated irrigation systems permit water to drip or trickle into your growing zones whenever you construct them to do so. They save bending over and putting strain on your back as well as the time to water your plants.


Smart Drip Irrigation Systems

Drip irrigation is a method of watering whereby small quantities are slowly and precisely applied to the roots of your plants whilst keeping foliage dry, minimising water waste and evaporation.

This method is the best way of watering your plants and yields where water is scarce. At Greenhouse Sensation we offer a range of Click & Drip Irrigation kits for growbags, water butts and outdoor taps that are easy to install.

Our Click & Drip Irrigation Kit for Growbags waters up to 3 grow bags from a water butt and includes everything you need to water your grow bags slowly and evenly. You can choose to use it with a (garden timer) and choose whichever size water butt you would like to use, or simply attach it to your existing water butt.

Similarly, our Click & Drip Irrigation Kit for Water Butts or Outdoor Taps works by watering your borders and veg plots for up to 3 weeks. With this smart drip irrigation system water drips from the 10m or 15m dripper irrigation pipe with holes spaced 30cm apart.

Explore our whole range of drip irrigation system accessories and supplies here.

click and drip watering kit

click and drip for waterbutt kit


Drip Irrigation System for Hanging Plants

Container & Hanging Basket Watering System

If you are looking to water pots, hanging baskets and containers in your garden we suggest using the Pots & Container Watering Kit which simply connects to your main tap or water butt. You use less water with this container garden watering kit, with water being released at a rate of 1.4 litres per hour, delivered directly to the plant roots preventing run-of and evaporation.

This automatic waterer comes with an optional timer with 11 watering frequencies and 10 watering duration options, automating all your work and saving your back without the need to carry a watering can around your garden. This drip irrigation system also has hose fittings so you can water easily with your garden hose.

pots and container watering kit


Greenhouse Irrigation System

If you are looking for a greenhouse watering system with drippers and misters that will allow you to water your greenhouse, our Greenhouse Irrigation Kit is for you.

With this greenhouse irrigation system you simply click onto a mains tap and run the pipe between your pots, borders or grow bags. Ideal for greenhouses that are 6ft x 8ft in size, allowing you to link 2 kits together to cover a larger surface area.

This greenhouse watering system also comes with an optional timer allowing you to automate your watering, perfect for those times when you go on holiday or away for the weekend.

greenhouse watering kit


Self-Watering Planters

If you are concentrating on cultivating a great crop and growing your own food this summer, you may want to consider using a self-watering planter.

These award-winning planters are helpful to the environment by re-using water to keep your plants perfectly fed and watered at all times without the need for electricity, timers or effort.

Water is supplied to the roots as and when airgaps appear, which means that roots have access to oxygen and water in perfect balance. The result is faster growing plants that are more resistant to disease and that produce typically 2x bigger crops!

quadgrow self-watering planter


At Greenhouse Sensation, we provide a wide range of innovative watering systems to help you out with all your water needs. From click and drip kits and water butts to greenhouse watering kits and solar powered irrigation systems, you’re sure to find what you need here. Our friendly team is available to answer any questions or queries you might have, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


We hope this article has helped you understand the importance of watering your plants and the different irrigation methods available to you this summer. With our guidance and range of irrigation supplies you will be on your way to a fantastic summer in the garden. If you have any questions or need some more garden irrigation advice please get in touch and we would be happy to help. 

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