How to Water Plants When on Holiday (and Other Tricks)

Wednesday, 21 November 2018 09:30:00 Europe/London

If you’re wondering how to water plants when on holiday, self-watering pots are the perfect solution. They remove the need to ask your neighbours or relatives to check on your plants while you’re away - while making sure that your plants never get thirsty.

Whether you’re away on a short break or planning a Christmas holiday, we’re here to help you holiday-proof your plants with self-watering planters, forming an effective plant watering system while you're on vacation.

How to Water Plants When on Holiday

A holiday watering system is the perfect choice to water your beloved plants while you’re away, without having to worry. This kit can be connected to the Hydrogrow, Solargrow, Octogrow, Vitogrow, or Quadrogrow, holding up to 25 litres. The Holiday Watering Kit can keep your plants watered and fed for either days or weeks, depending on the tank you use.

Alternatively, watering kits for outdoor taps can keep your plants properly watered without wasting water. Even when experiencing a hose pipe ban, the kit has an internal pressure reducer to slow down the release of water. This allows for a slow drip that helps reduce water waste by approximately 70%.

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Cover Soil with Mulch

Mulch helps plants keep in more moisture and to lose 25% less moisture than plants with no mulch. Make sure to apply a layer of mulch to protect yours plants with compost, grass clippings, or bark mulch. This will help to control weeds and place a barrier between the soil and other elements.

Preventing Winter Rain from Drowning Your Plants

Excessive moisture due to winter rain can cause the compost to be wet and soggy, with puddles forming occasionally at the base of pots. This can result in plant roots being starved of oxygen and drown, eventually rotting and dying.

It’s vital to ensure that all pots have drainage holes at the base, alongside choosing the right compost. A well-drained, loam-based compost tends to be a great choice for the majority of plants. Additionally, raising your pots and containers will help to further reduce the likelihood of winter rain drowning your plants.

Raise your plant pots above ground approximately 2-3 cm so that any excess moisture can escape through the drainage holes. Raising plant pots also provides plants with better air circulation around the root area.

Protect Plants from Frost

Frost protection is essential when you leave for a winter holiday or for a nice Christmas with your loved ones. Frost has an ability to enter through the sides of containers and pots, killing off roots. You can move your plants to your greenhouse of garden shed before a cold snap to prevent frost damage.

Should you not have enough space or need to protect your garden rows, you can invest in frost fleeces, cloches, or other frost protection items.

Do you need further advice before leaving for your holiday for a relaxed Christmas? Contact us to speak to our friendly team or email us here - we’re always happy to help and to answer any questions you might have.

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