January Gardening Tips

Friday, 14 December 2018 11:13:51 Europe/London

Tending to the garden is a job for the entire year - there’s always something to do! We’ve compiled a few top gardening tips for January so you can start off the year with the right foot. A few January gardening tips to keep in mind:

- Give your greenhouse and your plant pots a cleaning for spring.

- Prune apple and pear trees.

- Take hardwood cuttings.

- Trim straggly hedges after birds have eaten the berries.

- Build nest boxes and overwintering houses for insects.

- Check your outdoor plants to ensure the compost is moist.

Tend to Your Vegetable Garden

Sow onions in your greenhouse and harden off your plants in March before planting them in April. You should also store seed potatoes in trays in a light and cool area for planting in either March or April. If you have a greenhouse, you can still sow summer maturing cauliflower and aubergine.

Should you want to grow runner beans the following summer, make sure to prepare a deep trench by digging the area and filling it with rotted compost. Continue to add kitchen waste over winter until late spring, when you can cover the trench with soil and then sow the beans on top.

Don’t Forget the Local Wildlife!

Birds in particular may visit your garden in January looking for food. Make sure to stock up bird feeders and bird tables and even leave fallen apples so they can have a good food source. You can place food and water out on a regular basis during winter, both in the morning and afternoon, so that birds can have the high-fat diet they need to keep warm and survive cold night. And don’t forget - birds get used to feeding routines, so make sure to keep to a schedule!

Take care not to disturb any critters that may be hibernating under vegetation or in the corner of your garden shed. Overwintering ladybirds and lacewings, for example, can be found in dried stems, leaves, and seed heads of flowers. Several wildlife and even hedgehogs are often found under fallen branches, so it’s advised that you let grass clippings, leaves, and rotting branches to just decompose naturally.


Tend to Your Fruit Garden

Soft cane fruit such as raspberries can still be planted; make sure that the soil conditions are suitable, however, otherwise it’s best to temporarily plant them in a pot so the roots don’t dry out. If you already have established fruit trees and bushes, they will need to be pruned.

Redcurrants and whitecurrants can easily be overcrowded, which is why it’s vital to remove old stems and to prune sideshoots to just one bud. Early rhubarb’s dormant clumps should be covered to encourage stems to form. This will provide you with an early harvest.

If you’re unsure about what products you need for your garden or you have any questions about your greenhouse plants, just get in touch with our lovely team. We’re always happy to help!

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