Make your Own Paper Plant Pots in 60 Seconds!

Tuesday, 2 December 2014 15:00:14 Europe/London

Making strong, bio-degradable Paper Pots is quick, easy and fun with our Plant Pot Maker Kit In less than 60 seconds, turn your old newspaper into a handy pot for young seedlings. An ideal gift for any eco-friendly creative gardening mums!

This paper potter is a great way to start seedlings off, and you can plant them straight into the soil once you have hardened off the young plants.

Making your own Paper Pots is easy, quick and fun!

The roots will grow through as the pot disintegrates in the soil, so there's no root disturbance, no transplant shock and the paper helps keep the compost moist.

The paper potter is also great fun for children. You can even compete to see who can produce the fastest plant pot!

Using the potter is simple:

1. Cut dry newspaper into strips of, 8cm x 58cm (double up for extra strong pots)

2. Roll strip around the potter

3. Fold the end of your paper around the base of your paper potter

4. Press potter firmly onto base and just twist!

5. Ease your new paper pot out of your paper potter

6. Fill new pots with compost, ready for seedlings and seeds

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