November Greenhouse Update - It's still heating up!

Monday, 5 November 2018 13:36:20 Europe/London

As the evenings are getting darker and the air outside gets colder, we're still keeping things hot and spicy in the greenhouse!

Gardening Angels collected another brilliant harvest this week - our award-winning growing systems and plant nutrients mean our chilli plants are still producing bountiful crops! 

Gardening Angel Paul harvesting chillies in our greenhouse

Nutrigrow - Award Winning Plant Food

One of the big reasons for this amazing growth is our brilliant plant nutrient, Nutrigrow! Nutrigrow is a super-concentrated plant feed that is perfect for both veg plants and ornamentals, improving the health, speed of growth and flower/fruit production of plants. This versatile feed is perfect for using in our hydroponic systems and self-watering planters, but is also brilliant for using on plants in traditional pots, grow bags, borders and hanging baskets.

Our Nutrigrow solution includes potash, a crucial nutrient for flowering and fruiting, as well as nitrogen, calcium and magnesium to stimulate natural development and growth, but the real secret of its success is that it also includes micronutrients and trace elements, both of which plants need in tiny quantities - all the ingredients are in a balanced ratio so that every nutrient is provided to the plant in the right balance relative to the others.

Nutrigrow Plant Food

Vivigrow Soil-less Planter

We've got our Lemon Drops and Ring of Fire chillies growing in our fantastic Vivigrow planter. This advanced planter constantly pumps water and Nutrigrow to the plant's roots, producing bigger harvests. The pump means the water and nutrients is super-aerated - the roots have access to everything they need when they need it, and aren't constrained in wet soil. Whatever your plants don’t need will drain back into the reservoir.

Gardening Angel Paul harvesting chillies in our greenhouse

Vivigrow Planter


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