Overwintering Chillies - Quadgrow Planter

Friday, 20 December 2013 12:22:58 Europe/London

After a bumper harvest from our Quadgrow Planter, our Gardening Angel James has begun preparing our chilli plants for the cold winter by overwintering them. This involves protecting our chilli plants in order to give our chillies a head start for the 2014 growing season. So we've put a little video together so you can have a go at overwintering your own chillies.

Some varieties of chillies don't ripen until much later in the year. Overwintering your chillies means you can start your chilli plants earlier, resulting in earlier and much bigger harvests.

If your a chilli lover then why not have a go at growing your own chillies and take a look at our chilli growing guides.

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