Over-wintering Trinindad Scorpion.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011 10:50:09 Europe/London

For bigger harvests of your favourite chilli you could overwinter your plant. We overwinter our Trinidad Scorpion, this year is its 5th year. Overwintered plants will usually produce a better crop in their second year as the plants can get started more quickly in the spring and enjoy a longer growing season.

Capsicum pubescens (such as our Rocoto Red chilli) tend to overwinter better than Capsicum annuum (such as Joe’s Long or Portugal).

Overwintering is the practice of providing a protective environment for a plant throughout the winter. The lack of light and the colder temperatures mean that plants don’t grow much at all between October and January, but an overwintered plant can get off to a head start when the light returns in February or March.

Below is a video of Paul, our Gardening Angel pruning our 5 year old Trinidad Scorpion in preparation to over winter. The Trinidad Scorpion will be living our greenhouse, with an average temperature of 12C to encourage growth. Allow plenty of airflow around your plants to avoid bacterial and viral disease build up.  

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