Planning for Spring

Friday, 19 February 2021 10:28:43 Europe/London

 Planning For Spring

A bee on a white flower

On the other hand, spring represents the opportunity for you to get more from your garden, using it to grow food and start to see the shoots of life in it. It’s one of the most exciting points in time for any gardener, with the glorious combination of preparation work sitting in tandem with the first flourish of results.

Ahead of that, we’ve rounded up some simple things you can do to get the most out of your garden during spring.



Use flowers to add colour

If you’re looking for flowers to start demonstrating their beauty in Spring, you’ll have needed to have planted them no later than December for them to start flowering now. If you didn’t get chance, don’t worry, as you can buy pre-planted varieties of daffodils, pansies and irises. They’ll add vibrant flashes of yellow, white and blue, gifting your garden the first real splash of colour of the year. 

Spring is also the time to plant your summer-flowering bulbs too, with dahlias, cannas and lilies all perfect for growing this time of year - just be wary of any late stabs of cold weather as frost can harm them. You can also plant perennials this time of year, with delphiniums, foxgloves and peonies all sources of summer colour too.


Vegetables in a basket

Start preparing your food

It's not just flowers that offer the opportunity for colour in spring; you can also plant some dynamic-looking vegetables too. Carrots and beetroot can be planted around this time, whereas there's lots of opportunity for classic greens such as spinach, kale and Brussels sprouts. All can start going to ground in late March and early April, just be wary planting around any late frosts.

Fruit wise, you can start on tomatoes now, and plenty of gardeners will swear the way to get the best tasting raspberries is to plant them in early spring. March is also the last chance you’ll get to grow most fruit trees and bushes - if you leave it as late as April you’ll need to use container-grown plants.


Green shoots poking through soil

Tackle the effects of Winter

You may have read our advice on fighting the elements in your garden, and on top of that, you can do more to protect it in spring. Check to see if there has been any damage to your soil’s quality or fallow patches on your lawns. If so, look to top the soil up and repair or sow the grass, so both are in fighting condition for the summer ahead.

It’s also an excellent time to start weeding to prevent the damage they inflict and adding mulch around your trees and shrubs. Hedges will also benefit from a potent fertiliser, opt for a slow-release one to get the best effect.


A chair set next to tomato plants

Updating your furniture

Whatever the next few months bring, chances are you’ll want to spend more time in your garden - particularly if you’ve got loads of tasty food to eat and a gloriously colourful backdrop to enjoy it in.  So is it a good time to reassess the furniture you’ll be utilising to make the most of that time?

If you need to replace old chairs and tables, do it now. This way you’ll get the maximum usage of them before the warmer months drop. If you're trying to do so on a budget, you could scour second-hand selling platforms such as eBay or Facebook marketplace, or consider upcycling and restoring your current furniture. 


If you’re feeling creative, repurpose old tyres and children’s wellington boots as containers, just make sure you allow for a hole that offers ventilation for them. Be sure to check out our ideas for plant combination ideas for container gardens, so the flowers are as striking as the containers you house them in.


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