Protect your crops from the Slug Invasion

Wednesday, 4 July 2012 16:51:24 Europe/London

Watch our Gardening Angel protecting prized plants from slugs the natural way. This latest spell of unpredictable heavy rain and warm weather has created the perfect conditions for slugs and there’s a new threat in town in the form of an invasion of giant Spanish slugs known as Arion Flageullus.

There are a few solutions you can use to rid yourself of these pesky slugs. Amongst our favourites is Slug Gone Slug Pellets, an effective deterrent to stop slugs in their tracks, made from British Wool.

Slug gone is perfect for also organic gardeners as it contains no harmful chemicals and is safe for animals and children. Simply place in plant pots, around the individual plants in your garden or allotment or use to form a barrier around your veg plots and garden boarders. Click here to learn more.

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