Setting up the Tropical Planter

Tuesday, 21 April 2015 16:11:22 Europe/London

This week, we have transplanted our Bird of Paradise into our Tropical Planter, which will emulate an exotic watering routine for our flower to ensure the best possible growth.

Bird of Paradise

How to Grow Bird of ParadiseOur Bird of Paradise is one of four seeds sown last year. Of those four, this was the only seed that germinated and it is now growing spectacularly. This beautiful flower has been enjoying the warmth of our Vitopod Heated Propagator, set at 18 degrees celcius, until now, as we have decided to plant it into our Tropical Planter.

The Bird of Paradise is susceptible to root rot from overwatering, so the advanced self-watering available on the Tropical Planter will be perfect to keep this exotic beauty growing healthily.

Setting up the Tropical Planter

1. Push the Drip Ring into the Delivery Tube

2. Feed the Delivery Tube through the hole on the planter and connect to the Oxy Pump

3. Plug the Oxy Tube into the Oxy Pump

4. Place the Oxy Pump inside the planter in the space provided, securing the lead in the moulded groove

5. Place the Overflow Drain into the Planter

6. Partially fill your Tropical Planter with your washed Hydrococo and smooth down

7. Remove your plant from it’s current pot and place into the planter

8. Cover your plant with Hydrococo. Fill to the top of the planter and sm
ooth down

9. Plug the Tropical Planter into the timer and set for your desired watering times

10. Fill the Tropical Planter Reservoir with up to 15 Litres of water

About the Tropical Planter

Tropical Planter - Growing Bird of ParadiseOur Tropical Planter is the perfect planter for adventurous gardeners who are interested in growing unusual plants such as tropical fruit, ginger and super-hot chillies.

The timer included with this planter allows you to feed the plants little and often, monitor the rate of water and nutrient take-up changes as the plants develop, and your harvest will be 3-4x bigger.

Growing Tropical Plants

If you're interested in growing your own exciting exotics and tasty tropical plants, take a look at our Exotic growing guide for our Gardening Angels' top tips!

If you have any questions about our Tropical Planter and what you can grow, please feel free to call our Gardening Angels on 0845 602 3774 or drop us an email at We’re always happy to help!

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