Your Summer Garden: What to Plant & Sow in June

Friday, 31 May 2019 16:44:27 Europe/London

There’s much to do in your summer garden! Now that May is almost over, it’s time to start thinking ahead for June. With frost left behind and beautiful, longer days, you can truly start turning your garden into the haven you dream of. And who can say no to delicious, fresh vegetables and fruits?

Here are a few garden tasks to undertake throughout the month of June:


Herbs & Vegetables

- Winter cabbage. You can start off winter cabbage seeds in your greenhouse to provide them with the long growing season they need.

- Cucumber. Sow these vegetables in the greenhouse in either modules or pots.

- Pepper plants. Pepper plants can be planted outdoors within grow-bags, however, make sure you choose sunny and sheltered areas.

- Pumpkins and squashes. These heavy feeder vegetables need rich and fertile soil when planted.

- Leeks. To get a good blanch on leek stems when planting out, dib holes around six inches deep before dropping the leeks in and filling them with water.

- Cauliflowers. You can plant cauliflowers in your garden in June into moist soil, making sure the soil never dries out while they’re growing.

- Maris Peer and Charlotte potatoes. Plant these potatoes from mid-June to late-July, preferably into patio bags with a 40-litre capacity. Summer temperatures will entice the potatoes to grow, so chitting is unnecessary.



- Spring flowers for the next season. It’s not too early to start sowing flowers you want for next year in your greenhouse. Perennial seeds like delphiniums, bellis, and lupins can be sowed in your greenhouse until next springtime.

- Biennials for next year. Plant pots are ideal to start sowing biennial plants for next year, such as geraniums, chrysanthemums, and more.

- Winter-flowering pansies. These flowers can be sowed in seed trays ahead of winter.

- Summer bedding plants. With the warmer temperatures settling in and the risk of frost behind us, you can plant any leftover annual summer bedding plants.



- Cape gooseberry. You can move your cape gooseberries from your greenhouse into well-drained soil outdoors when they reach a height of approximately 8 inches.

- Strawberry plants. Order cold-stored, bare-rooted runners or potted strawberries to plant out in the garden. Make sure to keep up regular watering and feeding for a harvest within eight weeks’ time.

- Melon seedlings. Find a sheltered and sunny spot for melon seedlings, ensuring they have rich and fertile soil. A polytunnel is ideal for the best results.

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