Summer Plants to Sow in May

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A greenhouse is an excellent place to start sowing flowers, vegetables, and herbs to later transplant into your garden or to simply enjoy when harvest time comes along. Some plants can be directly sowed into the garden soil, with a few attracting beneficial insects and providing a vibrant addition to your home.


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Summer Plants In the Greenhouse

Herbs and Vegetables

- Lettuce. Modular trays can be used under glass to sow lettuce and to transplant later on in the season into the garden. Make sure to keep sowing every three to four weeks to ensure you have continuous harvesting.

- Cucumber. This vegetable can be sowed into individual pots.

- Tomatoes. Growing bags or beds are ideal locations to sow tomatoes at this time of the year.

- Beans. French beans and runner beans can be sowed individually under cover into module trays. You can then transplant them outdoors when the risk of frost is over.

- Basil. Thriving in warm conditions, your greenhouse is the ideal environment to grow basil in pots. You can also grow it indoors in your home for easy access.

- Courgette, Pumpkin, and Squash. Sow these seeds under cover this month for a delicious harvest.

- Perennial Herbs. Herbs such as thyme, rosemary, sage, and lemon balm can be sowed under cover.



- Perennial Flowers. Sow perennial flowers such as primulas, delphiniums, and lupins for beautiful flowers next year.

- Salvia. You can brighten up your garden’s summer bedding by starting off this flower indoors.

- Wallflowers and Foxglove. Sow these flowers in seed trays so that they are ready to flower next year.

- Larkspur. Although these annual flowers look a lot like delphinium ones, they are much easier to grow than the latter.


Summer Plants In the Garden

Herbs and Vegetables

- Beetroot. Beetroot seeds can be sowed directly into the ground, but make sure you sow them thinly.

- Carrot. You can plant carrots in rows in your garden, making sure to protect them with fleece to keep the carrot-fly away.

- Peas. This vegetable can be started off in modules or sowed directly into the garden soil.

- Broccoli. If you have a vegetable plot, you can sow broccoli directly into the soil. Alternatively, you can grow them in nursery beds to be transplanted later.

- Radish. Radishes can grow very easily - simply sow them directly into the soil and enjoy!

- Herbs. Whether you decide to make use of containers or simply sow directly into the soil, you can plant coriander, chives, parsley, and dill very easily.



- Sunflowers. With the sunshine arriving, it’s the ideal time to start sowing sunflowers. They’ll be a beautiful addition to your garden!

- Nigella. If you fancy something a bit different for your garden, nigellas have unusually-shaped flowers and stunning seed pods.

- Poppies and Cornflowers. Help bees and butterflies by sowing poppies and cornflowers. They’ll love visiting your garden for a spot of pollen!

- Linaria. Add vibrant colour to your garden by sowing linaria flowers.

- Limnanthes. Bring beneficial insects to both your vegetable plot and your garden by sowing these flowers.

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