6 Top Tips to Set Up Your Greenhouse

Monday, 16 July 2018 11:16:32 Europe/London

Setting up a greenhouse in your garden can provide you with an expert and efficient way of growing your crops. You can typically get clear plastic or glass walls for your greenhouse, which lets you conserve heat while light still filters through. There are several benefits associated with having a greenhouse, some of which include:

- Easily protect your plants from pests

- Have a longer growing season

- A multipurpose growing area

- Protect your crops from the elements

From seeding pots to all of the greenhouse equipment you need, you can easily grow herbs, vegetables, fruits, or any other plants you wish. You don’t need to worry about whether the plants are indoor or outdoor plants, or if it’s the right season to grow them.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when setting up your greenhouse:


Organise Your Greenhouse by Zones

Use your greenhouse space efficiently to maximise space and to keep everything neat and easy to find. Have dedicated areas for storage, potting, and for both edible and non-edible plants. Don’t forget to add a separate area for quarantining any affected plants or new plants – this will prevent any pests or diseases from spreading to other plants.

Group your plants by harvest periods, species, watering needs, or by how they can help each other thrive. This can be in neat rows or any other design that works for your requirements. Make sure to keep clutter out of the greenhouse so that you provide appropriate ventilation and to reduce any chances of pests getting in.


Add Shelving to Make the Most of Your Space

Using your greenhouse space isn’t just about maximising floor space – vertical space is also a great way to store your gardening supplies. Either wall-mounted or freestanding, shelving is a simple and easy way to keep everything organised.

With freestanding shelving units, go for adjustable shelves so you can easily adjust their height as your needs change. Purchase storage options for all of your gardening equipment, so you can have everything you need at hand and when you need it.


Have a Potting Table

Make space for a potting table in a corner of your greenhouse, near your tool storage area. Alongside being additional storage, a potting table is a great working surface. You can add hooks to hang an assortment of tools, scissors, and other useful equipment to take care of seedlings.

Keep compost and pots underneath the potting table so you can effortlessly transplant seedlings or other plants to either bigger pots or next to other plants in their allocated space.


Take Care of any Rubbish

Have at least two bins in your greenhouse: one for general waste and one for compostable material so you keep your greenhouse tidy and clean. Depending on your space, get a bin with wheels so you can easily move it around your greenhouse when you need it.

Empty out your bins regularly so that they don’t attract any pests. Use the compostable material to make your own compost – if you absolutely know the material is free from pests and diseases.


Watering Your Plants

Don’t forget to account for watering kits for the healthy growth and development of your plants. The type and size of the watering kit will depend on the space your greenhouse has, the type of plants, and the number of plants you’re growing.

Automated systems. Whether through dripping or misting systems, these watering solutions are automated for your convenience. You don’t need to turn the system on or off, as it works on a timer that gives your plants a regular and consistent amount of water.

- Solar powered systems.Solar powered watering is an eco-friendly solution for your greenhouse, as they are self-sufficient and ideal for smaller spaces without using up electricity. This system is often available as a drip irrigation solution that connects to a non-pressurised source of water or a water butt.

- Dripping systems. These are scalable to any greenhouse space and for all purposes, allowing you to either integrate them in the soil or to suspend them above your plants. Dripping systems release controlled drips of water over time for less water waste and increased moisture. These are often connected to a solar powered system and can be automated.

- Spray or misting systems. Ideal for propagating seedlings or for big greenhouses, these systems are usually used with sprinklers for regular watering. Often automatic, your seedlings get regular and small amounts of water to hydrate them without overwatering.

- Mat irrigation systems. If you have a small greenhouse or you’re just starting out your greenhouse growing journey, you might want to consider a mat irrigation system. They’re fast, low maintenance, and effective, absorbing water and distributing it to the plants placed on it. Your plants get their water when they need it, alongside having a humid atmosphere.



Saving on Grocery Costs

Growing your own fruit and vegetables in a greenhouse allows you to have fresh produce all year around. You will see a big difference in your bank account and in your cooking – fresh ingredients are both healthy and delicious. Cut down on your grocery shopping costs by expertly growing herbs, vegetables, and fruit.

Greenhouses provide some of the best growing conditions in warm and humid environments. Your plants get equal amounts of water, heat, light, and nutrients and they reach their growing potential regardless of the season and the climate.

Are you starting your gardening journey and wanting to set up a greenhouse? Why not get in touch with our experts here at Greenhouse Sensation by giving us a call on 0845 602 3774 for specialised tips and information on growing your plants? We also provide tools, equipment, and seeds for more advanced gardeners.

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