Top Benefits of an Electric Propagator

Wednesday, 5 December 2018 10:56:00 Europe/London

An electric propagator is a great choice to start germinating seeds quickly. It provides constant temperatures throughout due to having a heated base, supporting your plants’ fast and healthy growth. Most seeds require a stable temperature between 18℃ and 22℃ to germinate. Supply them with that temperature evenly throughout the day, and they’ll have a much more successful germination rate.

Make sure to provide your crops with the idea, environment to help them thrive during the cold months - they’ll be ready for spring when you can transplant them into your garden!

Temperature Control

You can choose an electric propagator with thermostat to ensure that you don’t have to worry about your plants overheating or being too cold. This Unapod Heated Propagator allows you to set the temperature to any degree, between 5℃ and 30℃ with the precision thermostat controller.

Heat is then evenly distributed through the base of the propagator, ensuring there are no hot or cold spots. The result? Seeds that germinate with much higher success rates. You can choose from two propagator sizes:

- 37-Watt heated propagator and a digital controller for £80.

- 100-Watt heated propagator and a digital controller for £125.

Energy Efficiency

Sunblaster lights are great for seed trays or to be used over propagators as an optional choice. Used at the beginning of the season, they help to prevent yellowing and legginess. Use them during autumn over mature plants to promote ripening and late stage growth.

The enhanced reflector was built with extremely efficient nanotech, providing a 300% increase in lumen availability and diffusing light deeper into plants’ foliage. The typical lamp life is approximately 10,000 hours (that’s practically 417 days!).

T5 grow lights are also available.

Easy to Use

Electric propagators are pretty straightforward; in addition to providing even heat distribution, they also provide even humidity levels and accurate temperatures. Whether you wish to grow seeds, cuttings, or overwinter plants, they’ll have plenty of space due to the 23-centimetre tall high lid.

Your crops will grow in the perfect environment they need to be strong and healthy. With the heat and humidity maintained to optimal levels, and with vents releasing condensation to avoid dampening-off, your plants will gradually harden for transplanting.

Perfect for Growing Chillies

Have you always wanted to very hot grow chillies and other exotic seeds? Temperatures tend not to rise as high as these plants need in the UK, which is why an electric propagator is essential. You can easily raise the temperature to the required 30℃ before air temperature improves outdoors.

This provides you with a much more cost-efficient solution than continuously buying young plants, being the ideal long-term investment to ensure your plants have all they need to grow.

If you’re unsure about which propagator better suits your plant growing needs, make sure to contact us and we’ll happily help.

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