Top Ideas For The BIG Present!

Monday, 3 December 2018 17:03:10 Europe/London

Top Ideas For The BIG Present!

It's December! And we take that to mean we can finally get excited for Christmas! Lots of us have spent the weekend digging decorations out of the loft and going to local tree farms to pick our trees - especially as this weekend saw us mark Small Business Saturday!

This is a day to celebrate small business, like your local butcher, baker or coffee shop, or of course your favourite friendly Lancashire based Gardening Angels....ahem, that's us!

Check out the Facebook Live video pinned on our Facebook profile if you didn't manage to catch it already - there's a special message from Gardening Angel Emma!

Christmas is the perfect time of year to support small business, as you can pick up some really unique and special gifts. Here are some of our tops gifts we think any gardener will love as 'the big present'!

Self Watering Planters!

Anyone who has seen the amazing results from our self-watering planters will know why we're putting them top of the list! Our Quadgrow, Duogrow and Chilligrow are wonderful for producing bumper crops and only need topping up with water every 7 days. Perfect for those who are busy or can't get to tend to their veg plants for daily watering!

Gardening Hampers!

Our selection of Gardening Hampers are a joy to receive, beautifully presented in a wicker basket filled with carefully selected items! 

Choose from our Veg Gardener's Hamper, Eco Gardener's Hamper, Plant Care Hamper, or help your garden bloom with our Florist's Hamper and Wildflower Hamper.


 Shop our range of hampers here >> 

Want something extra special? Take a look at our deluxe options!

The Ultimate Heated Propagator

Our award winning Geopod and Vitopod are designed and made in Lancashire and have won praise from Grow Your Own magazine, BBC Gardener's World, The Guardian, The Telegraph and more! 

The top of every gardener’s wish-list (unless you already have one!) is the award-winning Vitopod Heated Propagator. Spacious, accurate temperature control, height adjustable and durable, it creates the perfect environment for seeds, cuttings and over-wintered plants.

Vitopod Heated Propagator

If you're already the lucky owner of a Vitopod, why not start dropping some hints for a light support kit with propagation lights to get your seedlings off to an even better start?

Looking for something more compact? Our Geopod Heated Propagator helps you to start your seeds earlier, and comes with lights as standard! The lights sit in specially designed grooves in the lid at the correct distance from the plants, creating healthy growth and preventing legginess even in a gloomy spring. The lights have an average 10,000 hours life.

Geopod Heated Propagator

A Truly Juicy Present! 

Interested in making your own cider? Our fruit presses make the ultimate 'big present' for cider enthusiasts - just fill with crushed apples, pears, grapes, berries or other soft-seeded fruit and turn the handle - you're on your way to making your own juice or cider!

Fruit Presses

We also stock lots of other cider making essentials such as crushers and storage containers! We even have some complete Juice & Cider Making Kits, containing everything you need to start making your own juice or cider!

Cider & Juice Making Kits

Gorgeous Gifts for Wildlife Lovers

We love encouraging wildlife to flourish and have a wide range of gorgeous gifts for animal lovers. One of our best selling is the Hogilo Hedgehog House - a favourite for wildlife lovers year after year, because it provides a safe, predator resistant habitat for the gardeners friend - who'll repay you by munching on the slugs and snails in your garden! Helping nature AND your vegetables!

Hogilo Hedgehog House



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