Grow Bag Watering Kit - Click & Drip

Tuesday, 27 September 2016 16:55:27 Europe/London

Looks like our Gardening Angel Paul is off jet setting again. Luckily his trusty Growbag Watering Kit will be keeping his tomatoes perfectly fed and watered while he is away. So no worrying about coming back to sad wilted veggies.

Keeping plants in Growbags perfectly watered just got less time consuming and more water efficient thanks to the Growbag Click & Drip watering kit.

Growbag Click and drip plant watering kit

This British-made irrigation kit keeps grow bags watered with so little waste that it can be used during hose-pipe bans.

There’s no more traipsing to and from the tap to save water. The Growbag Watering Kit simply clicks you’re your water butt tap and releases water slowly so it soaks to the roots rather than running off or evaporating.

Water is dripped slowly into the grow bags so the water is taken-up by the roots instead of forming puddles which evaporate. The drip holes only open with internal pressure, so won’t be blocked by the grow bag soil.

The optional reservoir holds 25 Litres to keep 3 grow bags watered for 3-10 days depending on time of year and plant size. Alternatively, the Click & Drip kit simply clicks onto any water butt.

Choose an option with the timer and automate your growbag if you want to set the frequency and duration of your watering.

Optional Add-on Kit for the Growbag Click & Drip waters an extra 3 growbags, when connected to your standard Growbag Click & Drip without wasting water. It all adds up to fuss-free, effective and efficient watering.

Our Gardening Angels are here to help! Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions. Drop us an email at

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