What Kind of Flowers Grow in the Winter?

Monday, 4 November 2019 11:18:58 Europe/London

Your garden doesn’t have to look barren when the colder months arrive. There are a variety of winter flowers you can choose from to make sure your garden looks beautiful all year around.

We’ve compiled a small list of relatively easy-to-care-for flowers for your winter garden:


Winter Jasmine

Winter jasmine is a beautiful flower without pest problems and resistant to typical pest diseases. It’s one of the easiest plants you can grow in your garden! It also tends to tolerate any soil type and weather condition, spreading easily without being invasive.

It flowers yellow in winter and spring, loving full sun exposure whenever possible. The deciduous shrubs tend to climb by twining stems. Make sure to prune the plant as soon as it starts flowering. 



Pest-free and durable, snowdrops are white and delicate flowers that grow in the majority of soil types (except permanently wet soil and very dry and sandy soil). They like being in partial shade, preferably around shrubs and deciduous trees. 

Keep in mind that the area where you plant snowdrops can look barren most of the year, as they stay dormant under the ground level. You can plant ferns on top to help conceal the space when snowdrops are dormant.



Snapdragon flowers resemble dragon heads; they’re the flowers that are typically squeezed on the sides to make their ‘mouth’ open and snap shut. The flowers can bloom in winter, being able to withstand frost and colder temperatures.

You can find snapdragons is almost all colours, except blue. They prefer well-draining soil and full sun exposure. They are susceptible to aphids and powdery mildews, however, they have some resistance to the antirrhinum rust.


Christmas Rose

This evergreen perennial flowers pink and white in winter with large and bowl-shaped flowers growing in loose clusters. They like partial shade and moist but well-drained soils made of clay, chalk, and loam with either an alkaline or neutral pH.

Christmas roses are susceptible to hellebore aphids and snails, and can also be affected by plant viruses and hellebore leaf spot. It should be as flowers appear, with faded or damaged foliage removed.



With beautiful pink and white flowers in winter, daphne plants are evergreen shrubs that grow well in fertile and moist but well-drained soils. It prefers full sun exposure in a sheltered location, and it’s not fond of transplanting. It’s ideal for clay, chalk, loam, or sandy soils with an alkaline or neutral pH.

Daphnes are generally pest-free but they can be affected by plant viruses. All parts of the plant can be toxic if ingested, so make sure children and animals can’t easily reach them.

Not all plants are happy with winter! Make sure to provide a frost fleece for the plants that need frost protection in colder weather. Get in touch with our team to know more or give us a call on 0845 602 3774 or 01695 554097 to place your order today!

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