What to Sow in July: Greenhouse & Garden Maintenance

Friday, 14 June 2019 15:00:17 Europe/London

With longer and warmer days, July is an ideal growing month. You can sow and plant some amazing vegetables and flowers and reap the rewards later on in the year.

Don’t forget to invest in an automatic watering system if you’re going on holiday!


What to Sow in the Greenhouse


- Gherkins. Early July is an ideal time to sow gherkins, which can later be transplanted. They should be ready to harvest as small fruits in late summer.



- Winter-flowering pansies. Sow beautiful winter-flowering pansies so they’ll be ready for winter containers.

- Summer-flowering perennials. Flowers such as geraniums, scabiosa, and echinacea can be sowed now.

- Spring-flowering perennials. Sow flowers like delphinium, aquilegia, and lupin in trays with high-quality compost.

- Biennials. Start planning for next year’s flowering season by growing sweet William, forget-me-nots, and foxgloves.  


What to Sow in the Garden


- Beetroot. The last direct beetroot sowings need to be done now so they have enough time to mature for autumn.

- Winter cabbage and brussels sprouts. Brussels sprouts need to be planted out in early July. Winter cabbage grows quite big and, as such, you should allow almost a foot and a half of space between plants.

- Cauliflowers, leeks, kale. These winter vegetables can be planted out now for the colder months.

- Lettuce. Lettuce seeds can still be sowed directly for a continuous supply, every three weeks.

- Spring onions. Delicious spring onions can still be sowed for stir-fries and salads.

- Peas. Beat autumn and winter frost by making last pea sowings now and allowing them to develop on time.



- Dill, parsley, and coriander. Fast-growing herbs can be sowed directly into your garden’s soil or into containers.

- Basil. This herb can be sowed in pots now and bring them inside before winter.



- Forget-me-nots. Between May and September, you can sprinkle seeds of forget-me-not flowers.

- Autumn crocus. Autumn-flowering bulbs should be planted out now for beautiful flowers later on in the year.


July Maintenance Tasks

If you have fruit trees, make sure to thin out the fruits so they produce good-sized crops and to help prevent brown rot. Place a bird net around your plants to protect them from squirrels and birds - why not place a squirrel feeder and other feeders for the wildlife visiting your garden? You’ll protect your plants while helping the local critters stay healthy.

Check apples for apple scab and treat it as soon as possible and check gooseberry bushes for sawfly larvae. Make sure to prune peach, plum, cherry, and apricot trees to lower the risk of them getting silver leaf disease.

In your greenhouse, it’s important to keep up watering either very early in the morning or later in the evening to reduce evaporation and water loss. Make sure you have proper greenhouse ventilation and use blinds to help prevent overheating. You should also damp down your greenhouse to ensure humidity is at a good level on hot days and to keep red spider mites away.

Don’t forget your garden! With warmer weather on its way, keep topping up bird baths to make sure visiting birds have cool water. Make sure to keep predator insects protected, such as hoverflies, ladybirds, and lacewings. Powdery mildew can also appear in plants around this time, so make sure to keep an eye on your plants.


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