What to Plant in August

Monday, 12 August 2019 15:37:35 Europe/London

With the hot weather still around, now is the ideal time to finish up a few tasks in the garden.

Fruits and vegetables are still looking - and tasting - their best but it’s time to start thinking and planning ahead for winter and next year’s spring.


What You Should Still Do

- Continue to provide shading to sensitive or fragile plants.

- Regularly feed and water your plants.

- Provide ventilation to keep greenhouse temperature down.

- Make sure to damp down greenhouse floors if the temperature is high.

- Take plant cuttings, such as from shrubs like Weigela and Forsythia.

- Harvest cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, lettuces, and peppers.


In the Greenhouse

Vegetables & Herbs

- Dwarf beans. ‘Speedy’ dwarf beans are one of the quickest to mature and you can have an autumn crop if you sow them now.

- Winter lettuce. Winter Gem and Arctic King are great winter lettuces you can sow now and plant in the garden later in the month.

- Coriander, parsley, and chervil. Sow these herbs in seed trays during this month so you can grow them throughout winter in the greenhouse.


In the Garden


- Hardy annuals. Cornflowers, poppies, larkspur, Californian poppies, and calendulas can be sowed now to provide earlier flowering next spring.

- Winter-flowering pansies. Sow them now for a colourful winter garden.

- Violas. Sow these flowers for overwintering and a beautiful spring next year.


Vegetables & Herbs

- Radishes. This quick crop allows you to keep making direct sowings in time for an autumnal harvest. If you prefer, winter radishes are also a great alternative. 

- Turnips. You can make a final sowing of this vegetable in drills.

- Salad leaves. Have a continuous harvest of salad leaves by continuing to sow them.

- Swiss chard. Sow Swiss chard in drills so you can have ‘baby leaves’ in autumn, Alternatively, you can over-winter them for spring.

- Pak choi. Sow them directly, as they tend to bolt easily when they’re grown before midsummer.

- Radicchio. Have a delicious autumn salad leaf by sowing radicchio. 



- Pot-grown strawberries. You can plant your own runners, if you prefer, as soon as they root. However, you need to make sure that you don’t plant the strawberries anywhere they’ve grown before in the past three years. This will help to prevent plant diseases so you can grow healthy plants. Planting strawberries during this month lets them establish properly before winter rolls around.  


Preparing for September

- Take lavender, fuchsia, hebe, and pelargonium cuttings.

- Plant narcissus, primula, hyacinth, and cyclamen bulbs.

- Harvest cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, and radishes.

- Plant potatoes now in time for Christmas.

- Look for mould in the greenhouse.

- Make use of ventilation to regulate your greenhouse’s heat.

- You should still water and feed plants regularly.

Tip: Why not use a bulb planter to make your life much easier?

Do you need any help with your garden or greenhouse? At Greenhouse Sensation, we’re always happy to answer any queries you may have. Let us know what you need by getting in touch with us on 0845 602 3774 or 01695 554097.

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