Why You Need a Garden Irrigation System

Monday, 24 September 2018 12:45:52 Europe/London

A garden irrigation system allows you to expertly water your garden; you can install several systems according to your garden’s needs, creating the ideal growing environment for all plants. Whether you choose to add a water butt to your garden or to install an automatic watering system, you’re sure to see the benefits.


Conserving Nutrients and Soil Structure

Plants that are sensitive to overwatering will benefit from a measured and controlling watering solution. An excess of water can seep deep into the soil and with it take nutrients that your plants need. High water pressure when watering can compact the soil and cause plants to suffocate or cause root disease.

Irrigation systems help to preserve both nutrients and soil structure, ensuring that your plants can absorb the nutrients they need. You can easily mimic the perfect conditions to provide your plants with a healthy environment through delivering low-pressure and continuous water dispersion.


Saving Time, Water, and Money

An automatic water irrigation system helps you save time that you previously spent ensuring every plant in your garden was sufficiently watered. By installing a water timer with an automatic system, you can set the times in which you want your plants to be watered. This ensures that you control the amount of water needed according to climate and landscape.

Alongside saving time, a garden irrigation system will also save water. All of our watering kits can safely be used even during hosepipe bans, which ensures that you can water your plants while conserving water. These systems don’t waste water and they allow you to save more water than traditional watering methods.

With water savings come money savings; with watering being automated and programmable according to plants’ needs, you’ll notice a difference in your water bills. Measure soil moisture in open soil, pots, or grow bags with a soil moisture meter for an instant indication of how much water your plants may need.


Improving Growth and Reducing Weeds

Weeds can leech valuable nutrients from your plants; an irrigation system will provide water only to the areas of your garden that require it, which limits the potential of weeds growing. Each plant’s roots will receive the water they need, as irrigation systems concentrate watering in areas and don’t sprinkle water over the entire garden.

You’ll notice your plants growing stronger, faster, and greener through watering them over a longer period of time with smaller amounts. Limiting watering to plants’ roots limits the amount of water sprayed on the leaves, which also helps to prevent diseases such as blights and other leaf diseases.


Increase Your Home’s Value

A healthy and beautiful garden can be a big selling point for potential home buyers should you wish to sell your home. With irrigation systems being both efficient and precise, you have a cost-effective solution to guarantee a well-maintained landscape.

And with the money and time saved you can apply your efforts to other endeavours, like DIY projects that add even more value and beauty to your property.

Regardless of the plants you wish to grow in your garden, you’re sure to find an irrigation system that fits your needs. Simply get in touch with our team on 0845 602 3774 to know more about our watering solutions to ensure that you have a healthy and stunning garden.


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