Vitopod Vs Geopod Propagator - How To Choose!

Electric Heated Propagators are a cost-effective way of helping gardeners to germinate seeds earlier and more successfully. Seeds germinated in an electric heated propagator grow into healthier plants because of the more comfortable and consistent start in life.

In the past, many gardeners started seeds in a heated greenhouse or just using a heated bench, but with raising electricity costs this is no longer feasible. A heated bench is useful, but the warmth quickly dissipates so the heater has to be working all the time, whereas an electric heated propagator has sides and a lid which retain the warmth.

Our Award Winning Vitopod & Geopod Heated Propagators have been specially designed to create the perfect environment to help your seeds, cuttings and young plants get off to a flying start. Thanks to their extra height, they are even perfect for overwintering plants, providing additional plant protection during the colder months. Check out our handy guide to help you choose between these award-winning propagators.

Vitopod & Geopod Heated Propagator

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