Vitopod Heated Propagator - 10 Top Tips

Our award-winning Vitopod Heated Propagator is one of our best-selling products, and it's brought big smiles to many gardeners who enjoy growing from seed. Whether you're new to the Vitopod or an avid user, we're sure that our ten top tips will help you get the most out of your Vitopod for even more smiles!

 A Clean Vitopod Is A Happy Vitopod

If you’re heading into a new sowing season, we recommend giving your Vitopod a quick clean along with any seed trays and pots before adding new plants. By using a biodegradable soap, you can keep everything spick and span whilst helping to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Vitopod Heated PropagatorPlace your Vitopod away from direct sunlight on particularly sunny days. A heated propagator provides an ideal environment for plants during the winter, however it is also possible to provide too much heat.

If the sun shines on your propagator, or if it’s a particularly warm day, the temperature inside the propagator can become too hot.

Sow Your Seeds With Care

Our Gardening Angels always use a sieve to avoid lumps when covering seeds with compost. If a large, hard chunk of compost falls on top of one of your seeds whilst sowing, the seed is not going to be able to sprout. Use a tamper to pat down the compost once you have sown your seeds to remove all air gaps. Seedlings need good contact with the soil in order to absorb moisture. Air gaps can fill up with water, which can drown your seedling.

Seed Sowing Guide
Take a look at our Essential Seed Sowing Guide that takes you through each step of the sowing process.


Perfect Probe Placement

Feed the temperature sensor wire through one of the vents. Place the temperature sensor in the Vitopod at least 1 inch from the side of the Vitopod. For best results your temperature sensor should be 1/2 inch above the base.

Use Optimum Temperatures For Your Seeds

The temperatures required for each plant can vary depending on what seeds you are propagating. Always check the seed packets for any suggested growing temperatures to ensure the best possible growth.

Check Humidity Levels

HygrometerBy using a Hygrometer, you can monitor the humidity in your Vitopod propagator, which will help you manage the ventilation appropriately. Make use of the large vents to release some of the water and lower humidity.

If the humidity gets too low in your heated propagator, your plants will begin to use up water at a far quicker rate, leading them to wilt or even die.

Transform Your Vitopod Into A Mini Greenhouse

By adding Extra Layers to your Vitopod you can give plants extra space and time to grow. You will also have mini greenhouse in which you can overwinter plants and protect them from frost. Each layer gives 15cm extra growing height, and you can safely stack up to 11 layers! Check out our video below and see this in action!

Save On Your Greenhouse Heating Bill

If you’re overwintering only a small number of plants, it is more cost-effective to place them inside a Vitopod, instead of a greenhouse. Heating a greenhouse through winter can be quite costly, especially if it is for only a small number of plants. Our Vitopod is an energy-efficient way of overwintering plants as you are only heating the space you need to. It’s also a great way to harden off young plants too.

Add Propagation Lights

Lights Vitopod

Attach lights to your existing Vitopod Propagator with our easy to use Vitopod Light Support Kit. Lights create fast, healthy, reliable growth without legginess! The lights can be switched on and off independently of the propagator. We receommend you use the lights to extend the daylight hours to 12 hours, so depending on the sunrise and sunset times in your location your will adapt the amount of time the lights are on for. Use the lights from the time the seedlings appear until the daylight hours achieve 12 hours

Warm Your Heart...And A Hedgehog's!

Vitopod HedgehogA few of our lovely customers have sent us photos of their Vitopod coming to the rescue of hedgehogs. Hedgehogs can struggle to survive cold winters, especially when young, but our Vitopod has made a lovely home for a number of our spikey friends!

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Need further help?

Our Gardening Angels are here to help you grow strong, healthy plants with bumper harvests. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions on 0845 602 3774 or drop us an email at We’re always here to help!