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How Our Vivigrow Planter Works

Plants Root - Before transplanting into vivigrow planter

Grow in water with our Vivigrow Hydroponic planter and achieve 3-4x bigger harvests of your favourite tomatoes, chillies and other vegetables compared to soil grown plants.

We like to raise plants in rockwool cubes from seed or cutting before transplanting into our Vivigrow, but if you prefer to buy plants, you can dust the compost off and pop them into the Vivigrow. Before transplanting, make sure your plants have abundant white roots on the outside of your soil or rockwool cube.

Watch our video below to learn how the Vivigrow Planter works

Vivigrow Planter FAQ

Q. Can I grow plants from seed in the ViviGrow?
A. It is not recommended to do this. The Vivigrow is designed for growing plants from planting out stage to maturity.

Q. What plants can I grow in my ViviGrow?
A. Any plant. Although best results are achieved with fast-growing crop plants, such as tomatoes, chillies and cucumbers.

Q. Where can I use ViviGrow?
A. A greenhouse, polytunnel or conservatory is ideal but anywhere with plenty of light, air and heat (but not too hot) is fine.

Q. Can I mix plant species in my ViviGrow?
A. Yes. More vigorous plants should be placed higher in the planter, for example, tomatoes should be nearer the delivery tube and peppers nearer the water outlet of the growing tray.

Q. What should I do with water and nutrients emptied from the reservoir?
A. Use it on pot plants, borders, hanging baskets or the vegetable patch.

Hydroponically Grown Sweet Peppers

Q. How can I tell if my water supply is ‘hard’?
A. You don’t get much lather with hardwater and it furs up the kettle. If you are in any doubt use ‘universal’ greenhouse sensation™ nutrients.

Q. My water supply is really hard. Is it ok for the ViviGrow?
A. Yes, it’s fine but we would recommend using hardwater nutrients.

Q. How much topping-up is normal?
A. It depends on how well your plants are growing. The more topping-up they need the better the growth. Our record is approx 12 litres per day for two ‘Hero’ chilli plants in a 3-plant ViviGrow.

Q. My plants have water droplets on the leaf each morning. Is it ok?
A. Yes, it is a sign of good health.

Q. How long can I expect the nutrient pack to last?
A. The more nutrient solution the plant uses the healthier it is. You can expect nutrient packs for the ViviGrow to last a season.

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