Harvesting Joe’s Long chillies growing in our Vivigrow soil-less planter

Snipping away the day harvesting Joe's Long chillies from our Vivigrow soil-less planter. And yes, he meant to say 'Greenhouse' not 'poly tunnel.

First harvest of chillies from our Vivigrow soil-less planter

Our first Joe's Long chilli harvest from our Vivigrow soil-less planter.

Vivigrow Hydroponic Planter - Growing Tomatoes

What's red, green and over 17 ft tall? Our humongous tomato plant grown in our award-winning Vivigrow Planter of course! Learn how to grow 3-4x bigger harvests by growing in water!

Vivigrow Planter - Lunch Box Super Sweet Tomatoes

After 6 weeks in our Vivigrow Planter, our Lunch Box Super Sweet Tomatoes have grown to a whopping 1.8 metres. This sweet tasting tomato variety produces a high yield and is perfect for a summer salad. We can expect 3-4x bigger yields of tomatoes growing in our Award Winning Vivigrow planter compared to soil-grown plants.

Vivigrow Soil less Planter Potting Up Ring Of Fire Chillies

Our Ring of Fire chillies have just been transplanted into our Vivigrow Soil-less planter after sowing in our Vitopod Propagator back in January. Watch our video and learn more. The Vivigrow planter pumps a constant stream of water and nutrients over your plants’ roots. This encourages the plants to take up more water, nutrients and oxygen than if they were grown in a traditional container, the ground or a raised bed.