End of Season Water Timer Maintenance Guide

Heading into winter will mean that many of you will be putting various tools and growing equipment away until next year. 

Whether you are giving the Lawnmower its end of season service or sharpening those Pruning Shears. This will ensure they stay in first class condition and be ready to use next season. 

Often, the smaller things get overlooked and our Water Timers and Irrigation Systems are no different. With a little TLC, they will keep watering your plants for many years to come. 

Here’s a few hints and tips before you put the water timer away to bed for the winter. 

Please refer to your user instructions. It’s essential that the Water Timers are removed from service over the winter months. If they were to freeze with water still running through them, this would lead to irreparable damage of the unit.


5 steps to store away your water timer safely: 


1) Firstly, remove your Water Timer from operation and ensure any excess water is allowed to drain.

Watering Kit

2) Remove all the fittings by unscrewing the collar, to expose the ball valve on the inside. While you have these fittings off, give all the filters a good clean.

Water Timer Fittings  

3) Give the ball valve a quick spray of a water dispersing lubricant. 

4) Manually turn the water timer to the ‘ON’ position, this will allow the ball valve to rotate and coat the valve and rubber sealing o-ring with the lubricant. 

The reason for this is to ensure the valve can rotate freely when you come to use it again next season.

What can happen sometimes is, as the timer dries out, so does any residues and lime scale. This can cause a bit of friction upon its next use. 

Water Based Lubricant

5) Lastly, remove the batteries and store in a dry, frost free location. Our Gardening Angels have found that wrapping them in an old tea towel or similar is ideal. Try to avoid storing them in a plastic bag. If there is still any moisture in the timer, this will cause condensation inside the plastic bag.

Water Timer  Water Timer


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