What Else Can You Grow In A Chilligrow?

Did you know you can grow more than just chillies in our Award-Winning Chilligrow Planter? Not only does it keep even the fussiest chilli plants watered for up to 7 days and grow 2x bigger harvests than standard pots, it’s perfect for growing dwarf varieties of tomatoes, beans, radishes and even scrumptious strawberries.

What Else Can You Grow In A Chilligrow?

Dwarf Tomatoes, Beans & More

We’ve had plenty of success growing dwarf tomatoes, such as Lemon Sherbet, Cherry kisses and Heartbreakers Vita (cool names!), all of which have short production times and are a joy to pick. Sow these varieties from March to May and you can expect to be harvesting from July to October. Depending on how big you're tomato plants get, it may be worth considering the use of small canes.

Chilligrow Planter Dwarf Tomato

Dwarf beans will also be right at home in the Chilligrow, and the aptly named Speedy dwarf bean will have you harvesting in no time. Sow from May to July and you’ll be picking all the way through summer to the first frost.

Fancy growing some mini aubergines? Dwarf aubergines, such as Ophelia and Orlando will provide you with a handy mini supply of eggplant. Perfect for making some Baba Ghanoush!

Top Tip
Aubergines can sometimes taste bitter, so generously salt them before cooking to draw out the bitter juices. This will also stop your aubergine from soaking up too much cooking oil.


Radishes & Spring Onions

These two small root vegetables will happily grow in a Chilligrow planter, and provide a handy source of flavour to add to many dishes. Radishes can be sown from March to August and can be ready to harvest in as soon as 4 weeks. Spring onions can be sown from March to July, and planting out should take place before any intense summer heat. When planting out pack additional compost around bulbs to hold them in place.

Salad Leaves

Having salad ready to pick can provide inspiration for any meal. Why not try growing some in the Chilligrow for a handy supply whenever you step foot in the kitchen? Create some mixed salads by growing a range that can be cut and will then sprout again. Harvesting young leaves when you need them prevents plants from maturing and ensures several harvests over a long period of time. Lettuce, rocket and spinach, for example, can be sown and picked all year round if growing indoors. Use scissors to snip off a few leaves from each plant at 2.5cm from the base.

Need Replenishments?
If your Chilligrow is ready for some new FeederMats or award-winning Nutrigrow plant food, check out our replenishments page.



If you have more of a sweet tooth, you may fancy growing some strawberries in your Chilligrow. They’re the taste of British summer, and are irresistible with a dash of cream! Who’d have thought your Chilligrow would be contributing to your dessert!  Strawberry plants should be planted from late spring to early summer and will fruit roughly 2 months after planting. Read our strawberry growing guide for more top tips.

The Chilligrow was voted ‘Number 1 Self-Watering Pot’ by The Daily Telegraph.


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Further Advice

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