Salad & Herb Varieties - What To Grow

Grow Your Own Salad & Herb Varieties

There’s a wide range of salad & herb varieties you can choose from to grow at home. Salad leaves love to be sown where they are going to be grown.

Simply sow your salad seeds little and often and cut the leaves rather than pulling up the whole plant and you can have fresh home grow salad leaves all year round.

Salad Varieties

If you have a little extra space on your patio or in your greenhouse then are patio allotment planter is ideal for growing a range of herbs and salad varieties with space for growing tomatoes, cucumbers, chillies and other tall cropping veg.

Some Of Our Favourites

• Loose Leaf or Salad Bowl - All the major suppliers do salad leaf mixes

• Lettuce cabbage type or Cos - Little Gem, Winter Density, Tom Thumb, Cassandra, Arctic King

• Spinach - Medania, Toscane, LazioF1

• Also consider Endive, Rocket, Lambs Lettuce to add dimension to your salad choices.


Herb Varieties

When growing your own herbs, its best to choose varieties which grow well together e.g. rosemary, thyme and oregano all enjoy a sunny aspect and will grow great in a container or one of our herb or salad planters.

Some Of Our Favourites


This aromatic shrub flowers in spring. A range of varieties are now available bearing flowers of white through to pink or blue.


As a small leaved shrub, lemon scented and alpine varieties are available. This versatile herb belongs to the same family as Rosemary, Basil, Marjoram, Oregano and Mint.


Bearing a mild, aniseed flavour, basil offers a wide variety of uses. It thrives in a sunny position on a windowsill or patio. Be mindful to protect from harsh midday sunlight though, as this can scorch the leaves a little.

Oregano & Marjoram

Marjoram is a form of Oregano and can be equally used for similar dishes. Perfect for French, Greek and Italian dishes.

Herb Varieties

Sweet Bay

A sweetly scented shrub bearing delicate white flowers in late spring, Sweet Bay can be planted in a sunny spot on the patio, growing happily all year round. A great addition to rice dishes for adding a delicate flavour or flavouring soups, casseroles and meaty dishes.


Grows well in a container or in the garden and is versatile and flavourful and is used in a wide variety of dishes and has had a vast number of medicinal uses throughout history.


In the garden the scent given off from Chives can confuse undesirable insects such as Aphids when planted near susceptible plants such as Roses, thus keeping them at bay. As a member of the onion family, chives have a delicate onion flavour.


A part of the French ‘Fines Herbes’, Tarragon has a slightly Aniseed flavour. French tarragon has a slightly superior flavour to Russian tarragon and both need protection over the winter. Works exceptionally well with chicken & fish dishes and risotto.