Spring Cuttings Growing Guide

It’s the perfect time to grow more of your favourite plants from cuttings and re-stock your garden for free. Here are our Gardening Angels’ top tips for growing from cuttings.

Which Plants to Grow from Cuttings

Spring is a brilliant time to raise just about any annual bedding plant that can be grown from cuttings. This means there is a wide variety of plants that it is now ideal to grow; but to help you out, here are some of our Gardening Angels’ absolute favourites

How to Take Cuttings

Taking cuttings is a simple and fun process that can easily be completed in a few short steps

  1. 1. Pick your cuttings: choose healthy, pest-free and non-flowering shoots for your cuttings
  2. 2. Cuttings should be between 5-10cm long
  3. 3. Snip off shoots for your cuttings cleanly using a craft knife or sharp secateurs
  4. 4. Make the cut directly beneath a pair of leaves
  5. 5. Remove all but one or two pairs of leaves

How to Grow from Cuttings with a Hydropod Propagator

Our Hydropod Cuttings Propagator provides cuttings with the ideal growing environment, spraying a constant mist over the base of the cuttings to maintain perfect moisture levels without water-logging; so there's no risk of root rot or fungal infections.

  1. Hydropod Cuttings Propagator1. Slide the cutting into the sponge disc using the slit to avoid damaging the cutting. At least 2cm of the stem should show below the sponge.
  2. 2. Place the sponge disc on top of the lip of the cuttings tray.
  3. 3. Put the propagator lid in place. Switch the propagator on and run continuously.
  4. 4. When roots are visible top up the reservoir (if necessary) with water and add nutrients (3ml of A nutrient followed by 3ml of B nutrient for every 1 litre of water in the reservoir)


Using the Hydropod Cuttings Propagator is a fun way to grow from cuttings as you can monitor your plant’s root growth at every stage. This will make things a lot easier for you when the time comes to plant them out.

Are My Cuttings Ready to Plant out?

Once your plants have developed a healthy network of white fibrous roots around 10cm long they will be ready to take out of your Hydropod Cuttings Propagator and start growing in compost.

  1. 1. Lift your cutting out of the Hydropod by its stem or leaves
  2. 2. Carefully remove the sponge disk
  3. 3. Fill a 9cm pot with compost then, using a dibber, create a small hole around 2-3cm deep
  4. 4. Plant your cutting into this hole, then fill in and tamp down.


It can be tempting to simply leave your cuttings in the Hydropod, however don’t leave cuttings too long as their roots may become leggy.

Top Tips for Growing from Cuttings

Rooted Cuttings in Hydropod Propagator- Keep your cuttings well hydrated – the night before taking your cuttings, water your plants. This will ensure they are full of water by the morning, leading to increased cuttings success rates

- Take plenty of extra cuttings so you’re well stocked in time for the next season and to compensate for any unsuccessful cuttings. If you end up with too many, don’t worry; people are always happy to receive flowers as gifts!

- Always make the top cut slopping away from the top bud. This way, any water that falls on the cutting is directed away from the bud.

If you have any more questions about growing from cuttings or making the most of your Hydropod Cuttings Propagator, please feel free to get in touch with our Gardening Angels on 0845 602 3774 or drop us an email at info@greenhousesensation.co.uk. We’re always happy to help!