Make Your Garden Wildlife Friendly

Transform your garden into a wildlife haven in just a few small steps. Your garden and veg plots will benefit from increased plant pollination and natural pest control. Read our top tips and learn how you can make your garden a place resident wildlife will love to call it their home.

WIldlife Friendly Garden Spring

Create a Home For Birds

The nesting season is underway and birds are a natural predator of common garden pests, so attracting them is the perfect way to save money and control pests naturally.

Provide birds with fatty foods such as fat balls or Homemade Bird Cakes (lard and packed with seeds) and help keep up their energy levels between meals.

If you’re not too squeamish then leave some dried mealworms in a Bird Feeder Cup. The coloured cups are a great way to attract birds whilst brightening up your garden, plot or plant pots. Offer kitchen scraps and fruit with a handy Bird Feeder which allows birds to perch on the foot rest and dine in style.

Birds will need a place to rest after all that eating. If you’re a dab hand with a hammer why not make your own bird house with this handy RSPB Guide and help them find a nesting place if they’re arriving late.

If you’d rather leave the hammer and nails for another day, then visiting birds will love this Bird Nesting Box. Cleverly designed with changeable entrance sizes so you can decide which species of bird to attract.

Top Tip
If you’re planning on some spring tidying, leave some areas of your garden undisturbed. Birds may be nesting in hedges and shrubs, so waiting until after the nesting season to trim them can help them.


Hedgehogs – A Gardener's Best Friend

Hedgehogs will be coming out of hibernation in search of food and a warm friendly, predator proof home.. Leave a few areas to grow wild as hedgehogs love leaves, organic debris and vegetation, so putting a pile together in a quiet area of your garden can create a cosy home for them.

If you want to give your hedgehog some five star hospitality, place a Hogilo Hedgehog Retreat in your garden. Perfect as a hedgehog nesting box in the summer and for hibernation when winter comes around. This offers them a predator-proof retreat and feeding station, and extra protection from lawnmowers and garden tools.

Top Tip
Never feed hedgehogs milk, as it can play havoc with their digestion and make them ill. Provide a shallow dish of water to keep visiting hedgehogs hydrated.


We’ve lost a third of our spikey friends in the last 10 years. Click here and get involved in a wonderful project called Hedgehog Street and see what else you can do to help declining hedgehog populations.

Save Our Bees

Bees are lovely to see bumbling around the garden and they are highly effective pollinators. These little beneficial bugs will pollinate your flowers, fruit and vegetable, increasing production and you'll be doing your bit for the eco-system. Our Gardening Angels have some effective ways to attract bees to your garden or veg plot.

Did You Know?
Bees help to pollinate about 75% of our main food crops, including our home grown and shop bought fruit and veg such as tomatoes, strawberries and more!


Beehives can play a very important part in our environment. Many bee species, including solitary bees and bumblebees will be emerging at this time of year. These are under threat, but gardeners can do their bit by including a bee hivebee log or bee nest in their gardens and planting flowers attractive to bees.

Top Tip
Providing bees with vibrant, colourful wildflowers will encourage more to visit and improve pollination.


You can encourage bees to your garden with colourful wildflowers that they find absolutely irresistible. Bees are particularly attracted to the colours violet and yellow, so these bright, beautiful flowers will attract them to your garden. If you're short on space, this Butterfly and Bee Feeder will provide a perfect spot for your friendly local bees to stop by for a snack. Read more on saving bees.

Boost Butterflies Vitamins

Entice butterflies into your garden by growing a range of suitable flowers from March until October/November, the end of the butterfly season. Adult butterflies feed on vitamin rich nectar that they’ll take from a variety of wild and garden flowers, especially varieties that grow in warm sheltered areas.

Providing vitamin rich butterfly food on a butterfly feeder will attract these beautiful and beneficial insects to your garden and will help to improve their survival rates.

Butterfly habitats and feeders can provide a safe and dry area for butterflies to lay eggs, nest and eventually hibernate. This cleverly designed butterfly and bug house will help declining butterfly populations thrive in your garden.

To read more about why butterflies matter to our eco-system, check out the Butterfly Conservation website.

Flower Loving Bats!

UK Bats won’t suck your blood but they will definitely take care of blood sucking mosquitoes.

Did You Know?
Over 500 plant species rely on bats to pollinate their flowers including cocoa, banana and mango. So give bats a big thank you next time you’re sipping on a mango smoothie!


Our planet would be a truly different place without bats. Bats are essential pollinators of flowers, they spread seeds and play a big part in stopping insect populations from getting out of control. Even bat droppings (Guano) make a rich natural fertiliser.

You can help declining bat populations by encouraging them to thrive in your garden. Bats may roost in trees, caves, churches, bridges, tunnels and even our own homes! They prefer dark, quiet places where they won't be disturbed.

They will generally find their own shelter, however by planting a few night scented flowers (for example, Evening Primrose, Four O'clocks or French Marigolds) and adding a Bat Box to a tree trunk or wall of a building, they’ll soon repay you by feeding on troublesome pests.

Bats feed on insects, so why not introduce a few plants to your garden which will attract moths and other night flying insects for bats to feed on.

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