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Adjustable Little Drippas (4)

Price £6.99 Low cost P&P item

Pack Contains 4 Adjustable Little Drippas

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A gravity fed watering system offering the benefits of drip watering at a low price.

1. Take the plastic tube and connect to the plastic flow control device.
2. Take an empty water bottle, fill it with water and screw the flow control spike on to the top of the bottle. It will fit most plastic bottles up to 2Ltr.
3. Insert the flow control spike in to the soil so that the water bottle is upside down.
4. Turning the knob on the flow control spike will adjust the flow of the water. You will notice that air bubbles will form on the inside of the plastic bottle. This indicates that water is flowing out of the device. When the number of air bubbles becomes less, it means that the water flow is less.

The minimum flow you should see is 1 bubble every 2 1/2 seconds.


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Customer questions & answers

  1. Question:
    My Little Drippas empty the bottle in seconds, what am I doing wrong?

    Please check out our video of how to use the Little Drippas. What the video shows is the Little Drippa on a bottle, in the soil and fully shut off to begin with, so no bubbles coming out of the straw. On the valve there is an arrow pointing anti clockwise for open, so ensure the valve is turned fully clockwise to ensure the valve is fully closed and no water can exit the bottle. In this state. It is perfectly normal for the Little Drippas to still release water from the hole at the end of the spike when turned with the spike facing downwards until the spike is in the soil. It should stop once in the soil as the soil stops the flow of air through the spike . The video then shows the valve being opened by turning it anti clockwise, this releases air in to the bottle allowing the water to flow. To begin with the flow is quite fast as only a very small amount of air will give a fast flow of water and a lot of bubbles of air from the straw. Just quickly turn the valve back clockwise to reduce the water flow, which can been seen by the dramatic reduction of air bubbles from the straw, at this point the valve is almost fully closed again, only releasing a tiny amount of air in to the bottle. You can see the valve turned to increase and reduce the flow again for a second time.

    By Mark

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