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Chilligrow Planter

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The best-selling Chilligrow Planter is a chilli lovers dream! This 3 pot self-watering growing kit guarantees 2x more chillies than standard pots as it constantly feeds your plants for up to 7 days at a time!

Comes with a supply of our award-winning Nutrigold Plant Food, sufficient to make up 41.6 Litres of liquid feed.

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The Chilligrow 3-pot chilli growing kit produces huge crops of chillies.

The eco-friendly planter has a positive impact on the environment by re-using water as it constantly feeds your plants for up to 5-7 days at a time. It is the perfect way of becoming self-sufficient so that you can grow your own chillies for the whole family.

It's ideal for anyone new to growing chillies because it keeps the plants perfectly fed and watered, making over-watering impossible - chillies hate to be too wet! We include our award-winning 'Nutrigold plant food' and full instructions, which include how much to feed the plants.

The chillies are kept perfectly watered thanks to the Chilligrow's 7 litre SmartReservoir which sits below the pots. FeederMats in the pots pull water to the plant roots exactly when they need it, just top-up the SmartReservoir every few days. There's no timer and no electricity required.

Whichever chilli plants you choose to grow and whether you choose to grow them outside, in a conservatory or in a greenhouse, you'll get a bigger crop with the Chilligrow because by pulling water up slowly the Chilligrow ensures there are always airgaps in the soil, which fuels more productive growth.

Grow any kind of chilli in this planter. Our favourites are....

  • Dwarf varieties such as NuMex Twilight or Prairie Fire
  • Padron chilli peppers, delicous fried in olive oil and drizzled with salt
  • Lemon Drop and Aji Fantasy - bright yellow, sweet and relatively medium, heat
  • Bolivian Rainbow - colourful and very productive
  • For super-hots we love 7-pots, Trinidad Scorpions and Bhut Jolakia

This planter has very loyal fans, but don't take our word for it, read our reviews below.

Size Check: The Chilligrow base measures 76.5cm (30") long x 22cm (8.6") wide. Each pot has a 6 litre capacity.

Made in England.


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The Science of Growing Chillies
The Chilligrow never lets plants dry out, or the soil to become too wet. The result is faster growth, healthier chilli plants and bigger chilli harvests – the chilligrow is the perfect way to grow your own chillies!

We all know that forgetting to water plants isn’t a good idea, but it’s overwatering that causes the most problems. This is because roots in wet soil can’t access air, and without air roots can’t absorb water and nutrients from the soil and the plant goes thirsty. Chilli plants are particularly fussy when it comes to watering, and giving them the correct amount of water is a challenge when growing chillies in pots.

What happens when we overwater?
Overwatering prevents roots from accessing oxygen and is the number one cause of plant demise.

When soil is over-watered the pores in the soil become blocked and the roots can’t access the air in the soil. Roots need access to oxygen in order to absorb water and nutrients, so lack of oxygen means that the roots can’t take up water or nutrients. A plant weakened by overwatering is susceptible to disease, particularly fungal attacks. If the over-watering is repeated the roots suffocate and die.

What happens when we under-water?
Underwatered plants don’t have enough water to make glucose for photosynthesis, for developing cells and for two other often forgotten critical functions.

1: Transporting nutrients and glucose – Water is needed to carry nutrients from soil and glucose from leaves to the other parts of the plant. This is why the calcium deficiency blossom end rot is often caused by erratic watering even if there is sufficient calcium in the soil but not enough water to transport it to the tomatoes.

2: Accessing carbon dioxide – Plants access the carbon dioxide they need for photosynthesis by opening the pores on their leaves and stems. When the pores open they also release water. If the plant is short of water it won’t open the pores as frequently and therefore it won’t photosynthesise as much, which will lead to lack of glucose and therefore stunted growth. Sunny, hot weather increases the rate of water loss through the pores, so plants need more water in these conditions.

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