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Click & Drip Mains Kit 10m With Timer


This smart drip irrigation system waters your plants slowly and evenly from an outdoor tap. This drip irrigation system can also be ordered without a timer. The timer is also available separately for your existing Click & Drip Kit.

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This drip irrigation system is a completely fuss-free way to keep borders, veg plots and raised beds perfectly watered and to reduce water waste. You can even use it during a hosepipe ban!

This Click & Drip Irrigation kit delivers water through 10 metres of anti-blockage 'labyrinth' dripper pipe with holes spaced 30cms apart. The 'labyrinth' design of the holes prevents soil blockages which enables you to partially bury the pipe.

The water is released at 1 litre per drip hole per hour, giving the roots time to take the water up before it evaporates or runs-off.

Completely automated watering via the timer which simply clicks onto the tap.

This popular smart drip irrigation kit includes everything you need including...

10 metres of dripper pipe with holes
5 metres of non-drip pipe for between tap and plants
10 pegs to hold the dripper pipe in place
Pressure reducer to slow the water to a drip
Water timer - 10 water duration options from 1 minute to 120 minutes and 11 frequency options from hourly to weekly.
All connectors required
Optional add-on - Non-drip or drip pipe and connecting kits to extend the kit
The watering kit releases water slowly so it's taken-up by the roots instead of running-off or forming puddles which evaporate (when using a watering can or hose typically 70% of the water doesn't reach the roots!). The Click & Drip watering system also helps to prevent problems associated with erratic watering.

Good to Know
- The 10m kit will water a 1.5m x 1.5m area
- The 15m kit will water a 2.5m x 2.5m area
- Easy Fit Extras kit includes 3 x Stoppers, 3 x T Connectors and 3 x Pipe Connectors

- Reduces water waste
- Can be used during hose-pipe bans
- Holiday watering with the addition of the timer
- Easy to install your drip irrigation system - no tools required
- No blockages - dripper holes allow water out, but do not allow soil in
- Saves your back - no need to carry a watreing can around

Made in England by Greenhouse Sensation


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From an outdoor tap the Click & Drip irrigation pipe delivers 1 litre of water per drip hole per hour.

The Drip Irrigation Pipe’s slow drip watering rate means that the soil has chance to absorb the water rather than it evaporating.

– Click your kit together in just a few simple steps.
– Attach to your outdoor tap.
– Use your Non-Drip Pipe to take you from your tap to the area you want to water.
– Lay the Drip Irrigation Pipe in the area you want to water and secure with the pegs if using.
– Turn your tap on.

Adding ‘Easy-Fit Extensions’

When watering multiple raised beds and veg plots; Connect any number of Easy-Fit Extensions onto your filter section, taking water direct to your additional raised beds and veg plots.

When watering larger areas; Just add additional lengths of irrigation pipe to the end of your master Click & Drip greenhouse watering kit.

NB – To maintain an effective flow rate we recommend that any consecutive length of drip irrigation pipe should be no longer than 100 metres when using the Click & Drip irrigation kit.

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