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New Large Vitopod Electric Variable Temperature Control Propagator

Price £199.99

Our bestselling Heated Propagator Made Better!

With New Fully Injection Moulded Green / White Contrast Base

Multi award-winning height adjustable, precision 100W electric propagator with inbuilt thermostat controller. Set an accurate steady temperature to any 1°c between 5°c to 30°c and get your seeds germinating faster and more effectively!

External Dimensions

  • Size Check: 111cm x 59cm x 27cm high

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The Vitopod Heated Propagator is the perfect solution to start your growing journey from seed. Do you have trouble getting your seeds to germinate and emerge, with them ending up looking unhealthy? Thanks to the Vitopod, this is a problem of the past.

This propagator is referred to as the 'Rolls Royce of Propagators' as it delivers precision temperature control, even heat, humidity control, plenty of growing space, height adjustable layers and optional lights, giving your seeds the absolute best chance of success!

You can increase the height of the Large Vitopod with our optional Height Extension Kit click for details. Each added layer increases the height by 15cm.

Add our optional 90cm LED Propagator Light Kit click for details to allow your round use of your Vitopod.

Why Choose The Vitopod?

Our Vitopod Heated propagator has won many awards including - BBC Gardeners World 'Best Buy' and - Grow Your Own magazine 'Most Innovative Product' because it provides the perfect environment for seeds, cuttings and over-wintered plants.

Spacious - The Large (100 watt) Vitopod fits 12x half seed trays or 55 pots! This means you can grow more varieties of your favourite plants!

Precise control - the Vitopod's digital thermostat can be set to any 1°C between 5°C and 30°C to meet the exact needs of your plants. This means that you grow your seedlings in the ideal growing conditions that they need which increases the speed and strength of your germination so that you can transplant them quicker!

Height adjustable - the Vitopod is bought as single layer unit and height extension kits can then be bought at any time.? Each extension increases the units height by 15cm (6in), this means that you can protect your taller plants without heating your entire greenhouse. It effectively turns into a mini greenhouse!

Even heat - heat is distributed evenly throughout the base, so there are no hot or cold spots. This means that your seedlings grow more evenly with a high germination success rate. Even heat for your seedlings means it's easier to manage your watering, so that you can prevent them from drying out.

Accurate soil temperature sensor - triggers the supply of heat depending on the sensor reading. This is a soil probe which is inserted into the compost/soil or the base of your propagator. This means you can maintain the right temperature without wasting electricity.

Large vents - the vents in the lid allow condensation to be released preventing dampening-off without having to remove the lid. The lids help retain moisture for your seedlings which helps speedy and healthy germination, but the addition of the vents mean that you can control the humidity of your seedlings to their preference, providing excellent air circulation.

Robust - this electric propagator has lids and sides which are treated to prevent yellowing. Not only this but the unit is made from the same durable, UV resistant acrylic material as aircraft windscreens! This means you can be sure that it lasts a lifetime and serves you with the same quality growing season! Also, our units are made from recycled plastic, so that you can be sure you be sure you are helping the environment whilst growing.


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The Vitapod revolutionised my seed sowing. It’s the best thing since sliced bread.